”I want my art to live a life, never to be constant. Rehang it and the reflections will change. Turn it around and touch it. Make it a medium for your own communication, as i have”

Amélies philosophy consists of abstract layers, experimenting with self-blended colours. The final surface on the canvas is as important as the small hidden shimmers. She paints detail on detail, resulting in a re-shaped second skin.

B.A Art history

I have worked with the finest modern and impressionist paintings for sale at Sotheby´s Impressionist Modern Art Department and developed my interest further more for master paintings at Bukowskis auction house. During my art studies at Lund University I also attended art school. i have promised myself to paint more, and this will be the place to look at the result! please feel free to check out my insta a_wrede_art until my gallery is updated..